Introducing Celebrating the Imagination - part 1

Welcome to the official blog for Celebrating the Imagination, a series of talks organised by The Interalia Centre and hosted at Rook Lane Arts in Frome.

In this blog we’ll be mainly posting about the various events which make up the series, which kicks off on March 14th 2013 and runs through to May 17th (see below for a full schedule). If you prefer your social media by status or tweet we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, so follow us there too!

As each event grows near we’ll do a profile post here on the blog. If you’re interested in buying tickets for any of the events they can be purchased through The Interalia Centre and Bath Box Office (and remember, there’s early-bird pricing if you purchase tickets over 4 weeks ahead).

Here are the events in the series:

  • March 14: Jackie Morris (children’s author/illustrator) - East of the Sun, West of the Moon
  • March 15/16: The Gist - A gathering of some our finest award-winning poets, novelists and artists discuss their individual imaginations at work. Includes:
    • March 15: Lindsay Clarke (author) - The Shaping Spirit of Imagination
    • March 16: Sir Andrew Motion (author and poet) - Poetry and Prose
    • March 16: Andrew Miller (novelist) - Between Silence and the Song: truth, imagination and the writing of fiction
    • March 16: Maggie Gee (novelist) - title TBC
    • March 16: Adam Thorpe (poet, playwright and novellist) - Voluntary
    • March 16: Liliane Lijn (artist) - Poem Machines, Light, Motion
  • April 17: Sacha Abercorn (Pushkin Trust founder) - Imagination in Education
  • April 25: Helen Storey (designer) - Wonderland and Beyond
  • April 30: Colin Tudge (biologist and writer) - A Different View of Life: why genes are not selfish and people are nice
  • May 2: Gavin Pretor-Pinney (author) - Cloudspotting for Beginners
  • May 9: Zoe Fairbairns (author, poet, journalist) - You couldn’t make it up – But you can try
  • May 17: Satish Kumar (author and ecologist) - Ecology, Imagination and Spirituality
A talk series hosted by Rook Lane Arts, featuring a wide range of imaginative perspectives on a number of important cultural issues - educational, artistic, scientific and environmental.

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